The Complete Guide to NOUN University’s Updated Code of Conduct: Rights and Responsibilities

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has updated its students’ code of conduct, rights, and responsibilities. The updated version includes information on the approved punishment for examination malpractice and the functionality of Students are obligated to abide by the university’s code of conduct, which outlines their rights and responsibilities. The university is responsible for providing high-quality services and channels for addressing students’ complaints without hassle. The updated version is available on

Table of Contents

NOUN Student Code of Conduct.

Here’s the NOUN Students Code of Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities presented in a table format:

Noun  Code of Conduct Rights and Responsibilities
1. Respect for the law 1. Right to a safe and inclusive learning environment
2. Respect for the rights and dignity of others 2. Right to equal opportunity and access to education
3. Academic integrity 3. Right to express opinions and ideas respectfully
4. Compliance with university policies 4. Right to fair assessment and evaluation of work
5. Respect for property 5. Responsibility to participate actively in studies
6. Prohibition of discrimination and harassment 6. Responsibility to respect the rights of others
7. Non-disruption of the learning environment 7. Responsibility to adhere to academic policies
8. Compliance with examination regulations 8. Responsibility to contribute to a positive environment
9. Professionalism and ethical behavior 9. Responsibility to seek assistance and support
10. Compliance with health and safety 10. Responsibility to maintain integrity and ethics

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