Pan-Atlantic University Financial Aid for Undergraduates

Pan-Atlantic University Financial Aid for Undergraduates

Pan-Atlantic University Financial Aid for Undergraduates – The Pan-Atlantic University is currently offering its Financial Aid for Undergraduate Programs which serves as a form of tuition fee aid/scholarships. It will be offered to 15 percent of the students. 5% will be on virtually full scholarships while 10% will be on partial scholarships.

At the Pan-Atlantic University, our core vision is committed to helping the best minds and leaders of tomorrow actualize their potential. Through renowned and world-class education. It’s a four-year offer, an extensive community of alumni providing career opportunities, and a network of support that lasts a lifetime to assist and guide you in actualizing your dreams.


  •    Scholarship Sponsor(s): Pan-Atlantic University
  •    Host Institution(s): Pan-Atlantic University
  •    Funding Amount: Funded
  •    Number of Awards: Several
  •    Study Level: Undergraduates
  •    Nationality: International Students

The Mission of Pan-Atlantic University

Pan-Atlantic University has a strong Christian identity, which is reflected in campus life and in the content of the education we offer. One important characteristic of this identity is the openness of the University to people of all races and religions.

The Mission Statement of the University is: “to form competent and committed professionals and encourage them to serve with personal initiative and social responsibility the community in which they work, thereby helping to build a better society in Nigeria and Africa at large.” This dream encapsulates the purpose of the University.

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Pan-Atlantic University contributes to national development through the provision of academic programs that are relevant to the needs of the country. The university is open to all people regardless of their nationality, race, sex, religion, or ethnic group. The curricular activities of the University are part of a wider all-round formation which is provided in the University.

The objective of education in our university is the well-rounded formation of the human person. This is why an important component of every program is the inclusion of a good number of courses in the humanities. We also seek, by deliberate design of the programs, to inculcate and groom the entrepreneurial spirit in our students and participants.

The university aims at nurturing individuals who are professionally competent, creative, enterprising, zealous for the common good, and able to make free and morally upright decisions, and who thus act as positive agents of change in service to society.

The name University implies a universal mentality: openness to other persons, ideas, areas of knowledge, and cultures far and near, without discrimination.

The University is also a place that fosters and stimulates study and a permanent search for the truth. This involves the labor of intelligence, intellectual honesty, and the desire to learn, combined with the desire to continually overcome one’s limits.  In addition, university studies require the cultivation of one’s personality and the development of the habits necessary for professional and social life.

Eligibility Criteria

The basic requirements that qualify you as a successful candidate for the Pan-Atlantic University Financial Aid for Undergraduate Programs are as follows:

  • To be eligible for a scholarship, candidates must display evidence of high academic achievement before and during their course of study as well as a need for financial assistance.
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Work-Study Program

Students who are already on scholarships and others who wish to are liable to receive further financial aid by participating in the work-study program. Students in the work-study program work at different jobs at the university and are paid for the number of hours of work that they put in per month. They are likely to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Application Procedures

How-to-Apply: Interested applicants for the Pan-Atlantic University Financial Aid for Undergraduate Programs should kindly do the following:

  • Scan copies of relevant documents in support of your application and email them to

The required scholarship documents are:

  • Letter of Employment (for both parents, if applicable)
  • Three months’ salary slip (both parents, if applicable)
  • Three months’ bank statements of business account (both parents, if applicable)
  • Recommendation letter showing evidence and proof of lack of meaningful income (if not employed or in any business.

Other documents may be required if necessary:

  • Before submission, Candidates should make sure they meet our requirements.
  • Scholarship Candidates should also fill out the PAU online Undergraduate application form

Financial Assistance for Siblings

On the condition that they are concurrently enrolled in PAU, the following discount rates apply to siblings:

  •     1st Child: full tuition fee
  •     2nd Child: 10% discount on full tuition fee
  •     3rd Child: 50% discount on full tuition fee
  •     4th Child: 98% discount on full tuition fee

Other Options

In addition to need-based scholarships, we also offer financing options such as a parent payment plan and the opportunity to pre-pay tuition fees (subject to any increases that the University will implement later).

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Tuition Fee Aid/Scholarship

Please note that the scholarship application period for the (2024/2025) academic session is between the 5th of June 2024 and – the 5th of August 2024.

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