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In 2013, when I wrote their first JAMB for information technology at the Ebonyi state university (Ebsu). Despite studying hard and reading extensively, I still scored 184, a low score for the course.

This experience made me feel left behind and inspired them to create a study method. I promised to share the methods with friends and others, and the following year, I scored 295 in JAMB. so I decided to share the best methods with my 9 friends, and all of them achieved a higher score than the minimum score of 255.

How To Pass JAMB 2024
How To Pass JAMB 2024

2024 Jamb Fact

Nigerian students often prepare better for JAMB exams, but still fail them. The cause of this incessant failure is unknown, but there may be indispensable guides for passing CBT examinations that students don’t know yet.

This article discusses essential materials, tips for passing the JAMB examination 2024, and causes of failure. It also has top-secret guides to ensure success in the upcoming JAMB UTME examination (2024/2025).

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Understanding jamb Exam

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian examination body established in 1978 to conduct the UTME examination for tertiary institutions. Initially a handwritten test, JAMB introduced computer-based tests (CBT) to address examination malpractice.

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Today, JAMB UTME is Nigeria’s most recognized tertiary admission method, with around 3 million applicants annually and 500 examination centers nationwide. JAMB UTME is a primary examination assessing candidates’ abilities before admission, making it a significant requirement for students to prepare for the examination. Students are advised to prepare for the JAMB examination as soon as they begin their secondary education.

How JAMB UTME is put together

JAMB is a computer-based CBT examination with objective questions. Candidates must choose four subjects, with 40 questions in all subjects except for using English, which has 60 questions. The total is 180 questions. JAMB typically provides a specific textbook for the Use of English, with 10 out of the 60 questions directly from the recommended textbook for the year.

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JAMB Exam Time

Candidates will have 2 hours to answer 180 JAMB questions, with no more than 1 minute spent on each question. They can access questions or use online calculators during the examination.

JAMB 2024 Grading System

The JAMB grading system varies depending on the subject, such as Chemistry, Biology, or Physics. To understand the grading system for a specific subject, consult the JAMB syllabus, which provides all the necessary information.

JAMB 2024 Grading System
JAMB 2024 Grading System

Materials required to prepare for the JAMB examination

  1. JAMB Syllabus
  2. JAMB Past Question Papers
  3. Recommended Textbooks
  4. Study Guides/Revision Notes
  5. Online Resources
  6. Mock Tests/Practice Exams
  7. Writing Materials (Pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.)
  8. Calculator (for subjects that permit its use)
  9. Study Timetable/Planner
  10. Quiet and Comfortable Study Space

JAMB Processing 2024 RESULT- Everything you need to know

How To Pass the 2024 JAMB Examination

with the tips below, there is no way you can fail your exam

  1. Understand the Syllabus
  2. Create a Study Plan
  3. Use Recommended Study Materials
  4. Practice Past Questions
  5. Take Mock exam
  6. Understand Exam Instructions
  7. Time Management
  8. Focus on Weak Areas topic
  9. Seek Clarification from friends
  10. Stay Healthy and Well-Rested
  11. Stay Positive and Confident before the exam
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This article provides valuable tips for achieving high scores in JAMB 2024. Share your thoughts on the article and any new ideas for success in the comments section.

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