The NOUN Examination Malpractice and Punishment List for 2024-2025

NOUN Examination Malpractice

This Article provides a comprehensive list of NOUN Exam Malpractice and Punishment List for the 2023-2024 academic year. It outlines Multiple forms of exam malpractice and their corresponding punishments. The list covers impersonation, cheating, plagiarism, and unauthorized materials and outlines NOUN’s disciplinary actions to maintain academic integrity. This guide is essential for students, parents, and educators to promote a fair and honest examination environment. The consequences of defying academic honesty rules are severe.

Table of Contents
Noun  Examination Malpractice the Punishments
1. Cheating or copying from others Warning and reprimand
Deduction of marks for the specific course
Expulsion from the examination hall
Cancellation of the particular examination paper
2. Possession of unauthorized materials Suspension from taking examinations
Repeat the course/module
Withholding of examination results
A prohibition from entering the examination hall
3. Impersonation Suspension from the university
Deferment of the degree
Rustication from the university
Termination of studentship
4. Collusion with others Fine imposition
Extra coursework assigned
Community service
5. Communication with external sources Written apology
The requirement to retake the examination
Barred from future examinations
Revocation of admission
6. Use of electronic devices Mandatory attendance of counseling sessions
Withdrawal of scholarship or financial aid
Disqualification from awards/honors
7. Unauthorized access to information Loss of privileges (library, hostel, etc.)
Extra monitoring during examinations
Banning from participating in university events
8. Falsification of records or documents Restriction from holding student leadership roles
Notification to appropriate authorities
Referral to legal authorities for prosecution
Reporting the offense to parents/guardians
Blacklisting from admission to other institutions
9. Aiding and abetting malpractice Counseling and warning
Suspension from extracurricular activities
Assignment of community service
10. Leakage of examination questions Invalidation of the examination
Retaking the examination
Disciplinary probation
Demotion to a lower academic level
11. Misconduct during examinations Disqualification from the specific examination
Revocation of examination privileges
Exclusion from academic awards
12. Plagiarism Zero mark for the plagiarized work
Disciplinary probation
The requirement to redo the assignment or paper
Academic Warning
13. Alteration of examination records Cancellation of examination results
A permanent record of misconduct
Reporting to professional bodies
14. Fabrication of data or results Expulsion from the university
Revocation of academic qualifications
Legal consequences
15. Use of hidden notes or cheat sheets Invalidation of the examination
A prohibition from future examinations
Academic probation
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It is advised to avoid getting involved in malpractice, as one’s intelligence and intelligence may be more intelligent than one realizes.

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