How To Get NOUN Admission – All BuDget And Requirements

How To Get NOUN Admission

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Admission to NOUN: Budget and Requirements Included

We All Know Admission to a university is not as easy as people describe it, though some might get Admission during their time straight-up with stress, in my opinion. Recently, I think academically, it’s now stressful for anything regarding school in Africa. mostly university


Without wasting your time, lemme go straight to the point before I bore you with my days in school experience here. Admission to a national open university can be achieved in a day if you’re serious and have read all the requirements and costs. I will review all you need to get Admission into a National open university here, NOUN. Don’t skip any paragraph cause you might miss a significant point; stay tuned.

NOUN Admission Requiment 

NOUN Admission Requiment

No less than five O-level credits, combining English language proficiency and mathematics, are typically required for bachelor admission at NOUN. Some programs may have additional conditions, which may be read after choosing the Degree and entrance level on the Faculty’s admissions website.

For Undergraduate Programmes Course

To apply for a course, choose the Department, then the program and entry-level, making sure the See Requirement button is active. The matching entrance qualification is shown by clicking this button, and the Apply button on the pre-payment application page is enabled.

NOUN Admission
NOUN Admission

Before sending, fill in all of the necessary information on the page.

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After submitting the pre-payment form successfully, you will be taken to the Remita website, where you’re to acquire an RRR invoice, which should be used to make the payments.

Those who paid with an RRR created in the previous semesters or earlier must redo the registration process until they are forwarded to remit. When users select Continue after payment, they should apply the newly produced UniqueID with the previous RRR used for payment.

Through all scenarios, a successful transaction will result in the development of a web-based application, which must be completed before being submitted online. The admissions procedure is entirely automatic, and the results are speedy!

How To Get NOUN Admission
How To Get NOUN Admission

For Postgraduate Programmes Studies

To be able to apply to any of the Uni’s master’s degrees, a student must complete all matriculation requirements, which include at least five (5) credit passes in English Language and Mathematics. Several programs require a pass in mathematics.

Applicants for Postgraduate Professional Courses must have either a passed bachelor’s Degree in any field from a University recognized by the NOUN Senate or a Higher National Diploma with a least of Lower Credit.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting applicant must have been called to the Bar.

Students having professional certifications such as ACA, ACIS, ACIB, ACII, ACIA, and others may also be admitted to the School of Business and Human Resource Efficiency Postgraduate Diploma programs.

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Getting admission into NOUN can be complicated, but with some research and an understanding of the requirements, you can quickly get admission into the university. So, if you want to apply for NOUN admission, follow the steps in this blog post.

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