A Guide to Understanding the CGPA for First Class Noun Results

Noun result grading

A Complete Guide to Understanding First-Class Noun Results

Noun result grading is essential to Nigerian university students’ academic evaluation process. The Nigerian university uses a grade point average (GPA) system to measure students’ academic performance.In this system, students receive grades from 0 to 5 for each course. The GPA is then used to determine the student’s overall performance at the university.


Achieving a first class degree can be a challenge, but understanding the CGPA for first class results can help you stay on track. This guide will explain what the CGPA is and how it can impact your degree outcome.

What is the average GPA for a first-class noun?

The CGPA for first-class nouns is 4.5. This is the highest grade a student can achieve in Nigerian universities. To achieve a first-class grade, a student must earn a minimum of 4.5 CGPA and pass all the courses taken in the semester.

How is a noun’s CGPA calculated?

The CGPA is determined by multiplying the exam results for each course provided by the credits earned, then adding the sum and dividing it by the total credits taken. The CGPA is then rounded off to one decimal place.

What is the pass mark for Noun University?

The pass mark for Noun University is 2.0. This corresponds to the average grade point required for a person to pass a subject. A student who fails to meet the pass mark for a course must repeat the course.

What is the noun result grading system at an open university?

The grading system of the Open University of Nigeria is based on a five-point scale. The five scores went from A to F, with A being the best and F being the worst. A student must achieve at least a C to pass any course. Students who earn an A will be awarded a first-class degree.

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How is the CGPA of the first class calculated in a noun?

The CGPA of first-class students at the Open University of Nigeria is calculated by multiplying the grade points of each course taken by the number of credits, then adding them all together and dividing the total by the total number of credits. The CGPA is then rounded off to one decimal place. A minimum of 4.5 CGPA is required to achieve a first-class.

What is the grading system for Noun postgraduate students?

In Nigeria, Ph.D. students are graded using six different scales. The scale runs from A+ to F, with A+ being the highest grade and F being the smallest. A student must achieve at least a B to pass any course. Students who earn an A+ will be awarded a first-class degree.

How to Calculate the NOUN E-Exam Scores

Specific course and the type of e-exam you are taking. Generally, your e-exam score is calculated by the number of successfully answered questions multiplied by the overall number of questions. For example, if you answered 20 questions correctly out of 25 on the e-exam, your score would be 80%.

Noun result grading
Noun result grading

Let’s say,

TMA 1, you scored 10.0.

TMA 2, you scored 9.00.

TMA 3, you scored 10.0.

How can the CGPA be used to improve results?

Understanding the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for first-class results at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) involves a comprehensive grasp of the grading system and academic performance criteria. Here’s a guide to understanding the CGPA for achieving a first-class result at NOUN:

1. Grading System: Familiarize yourself with NOUN’s grading system, which typically ranges from 0.0 to 5.0. Each grade corresponds to a specific grade point, with A = 5.0, B = 4.0, C = 3.0, D = 2.0, and E = 1.0.

2. Course Credits: Understand the credit units assigned to each course. Typically, a higher credit unit course carries more weight in the calculation of the CGPA.

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3. Calculation Method: The CGPA is computed by multiplying the grade point for each course by the credit unit, summing up the total grade points, and dividing by the total credit units completed.

4. First-Class Criteria: To achieve a first-class result, a student usually needs to maintain a high CGPA, often in the range of 4.50 to 5.00, depending on the specific grading policy at NOUN.

5. Consistency and Performance: Consistent high performance across all courses is essential for attaining a first-class result. This often involves earning predominantly A grades and demonstrating exceptional academic excellence.

By understanding the grading system, credit units, calculation method, and performance criteria, students can navigate their academic journey at NOUN with a clear understanding of what it takes to achieve a first-class CGPA.

What are the limitations of the CGPA?

The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is a useful metric for assessing a student’s academic performance, but it has limitations. It lacks context, subjectivity, inflexibility, pressure, and a limited reflection of growth. The CGPA is based on an educational institution’s grading system, which can vary widely and may not accurately reflect a student’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.

It is also rigid and may not capture the diverse talents, interests, and strengths of individual students. Students may feel pressured to maintain a high CGPA, leading to stress and mental health issues. The CGPA is a snapshot of a student’s academic performance at a specific point in time and may not fully indicate a student’s readiness for the professional world. Understanding these limitations can help students, educators, and institutions approach academic assessment more holistically, considering a range of factors beyond the CGPA to evaluate a student’s overall development and potential.

How can the CGPA be used to improve results?

1. Self-Assessment
2. Goal Setting
3. Academic Planning
4. Performance Tracking
5. Identifying Trends
6. Seeking Support
7. Reflecting on Feedback

Calculating the NOUN E-Exam Score

The process of calculating your NOUN E-Exam Score is simple. At first, you must determine the total number of questions on the exam and the number of questions successfully answered. Then, multiply the number of questions you answered correctly by the total number of questions on the exam by 100. This will calculate your NOUN E-Exam Score as a percentage.

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Noun result grading is an essential part of the academic evaluation process in noun universities. Students are assessed using a grade point average (GPA) system and a range of grading scales to measure their academic performance.

To achieve a first-class grade, a student must earn a minimum of 4.5 CGPA and pass all the courses taken in the semester. The grading system for postgraduate students is based on a seven-point scale ranging from A+ to F.

A student must achieve at least a B to pass any course. Understanding the grading system and the requirements for earning a first-class degree is essential for students in Nigerian universities.


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A Guide to Understanding the CGPA for First-Class Noun Results

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