Passing WAEC 2024 Without Expo: What You Need to Know (In One Setting)

This post provides tips for preparing and passing the WAEC and NECO examinations in one sitting and JAMB and first-year exams. WASSCE is a national-based exam for students in West African countries, while NECO is for Nigerian students. Passing either exam is mandatory for senior secondary students, and the SSCE result is required for admission into universities or polytechnics.

The exams are multiple-choice, theoretical, and practical, with the practical examination for science students only. To pass WAEC and NECO exams, start preparations on time and study well. Remember, you don’t need to be afraid of failure; the secret is to start preparations on time and study well.

After reading this page and using its advice, you will get a “C” in WAEC.

Without further ado, here are the secrets to passing WAEC without an expo.

What is WAEC?

WAEC, or West African Examination Council, is an English-speaking examination body established in 1952 to conduct the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in five West African countries: Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The exams award certificates recognized by examining authorities abroad, allowing candidates to use their WAEC certificate for degree programs abroad.

WAEC Result 2024: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

Reasons for Taking the WAEC

  • Develop students with good attitudes concerning academic issues.
  • Teach pupils to write exams.
  • Help college students learn and use technical skills.
  • Assess students’ knowledge of SS1–SS3 class lessons.
  • Preparing college students.
  • To give a high-quality regional educational evaluation.
  • To comprehend how each topic will link to their profession in college.
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Students Fail WAEC Because?

  • Answering incorrectly.
  • Bad schooling
  • Bad reader
  • Dependence on expo Failure to read instructions
  • Laziness
  • Skipping classes
  • Social media distraction
  • Studying without old questions and syllabus

The requirement for WAEC Registration

  • Eligibility: Must attend an authorized secondary school or private candidate center.
  • Get a Registration PIN from approved registration locations.
  • Registration Form: Provide correct information.
  • Provide current passport-sized photos with a white backdrop.
  • Birth Certificate: Provide a birth certificate.
  • Pay the examination cost.
  • School Approval: School applicants need school authority certification.
  • Private candidates may require references or testimonials.
  • Submission: Send the completed form and accompanying documentation to the registration center or online portal before the deadline.

What is the score needed to pass the WAEC?

WAEC Cutoff Scores

Subject Description
Mathematics | A1 | Excellent | Yes

  • | B2 | Very Good
  • | B3 | Good
  • | C4 | Credit
  • | C5 | Credit
  • | C6 | Credit
  • | D7 | Pass
  • | E8 | Pass
  • | F9 | Fail | No

English Language | A1 | Excellent | Yes

  • | B2 | Very Good
  • | B3 | Good
  • | C4 | Credit
  • | C5 | Credit
  • | C6 | Credit
  • | D7 | Pass
  • | E8 | Pass
  • | F9 | Fail | No

Science | A1 | Excellent | Yes

  • | B2 | Very Good |
  • | B3 | Good
  • | C4 | Credit
  • | C5 | Credit
  • | C6 | Credit
  • | D7 | Pass
  • | E8 | Pass
  • | F9 | Fail | No

The grading system and pass marks for a subject may vary depending on the subject and the country where the examination is conducted. To determine the exact pass marks and requirements for your desired subject, refer to official guidelines and grading systems provided by WAEC or educational institutions.

Things You Need to Know to Do Well in the WAEC Exam

  1. Textbooks
  2. Past Question Papers
  3. WAEC Syllabus
  4. Study Guides/Revision Notes
  5. Online Resources
  6. Reference Materials
  7. Study Timetable/Planner
  8. Writing Materials (Pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.)
  9. Study Group/Study Partner
  10. Adequate Lighting and Comfortable Study Space
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Tips for Reading Before WAEC Exam

To improve your study habits, focus on solving calculation questions in textbooks and class examples. Avoid checking social media, cramming calculations in notes, lying down, and reading text aloud. Learn and understand calculation steps, avoid studying on an empty stomach, plan ahead, read at a specific time, study in a serene environment, study between lines, suppress laziness, understand concepts before moving on, consult old notebooks for difficulties, and study with recommended WAEC textbooks.

How to Succeed in the WAEC Mathematics Exam

WAEC mathematics is not as challenging as it seems for students. To pass, students need to understand basic problem-solving principles and apply laws of calculations. The syllabus is divided into objective and theory sections, with success based on a minimum of 35 out of 50 questions on the objective and correct answers to 3 out of 5 compulsory questions in section A and section B. Mastering specific topics like algebra, simultaneous equations, probability, statistics, inequality, set, circle geometry, word problems, and indices is essential for success in WAEC mathematics.


Preparing for the WAEC examination is crucial for success. It’s not magic; hard work and intelligence are IMPORTANT. Reread the article, remember it, and save it in your browser for easy access. With these tips, you can pass the WAEC examination without malpractice. Share the article with friends and leave a comment to express your thoughts. Best wishes for success in the examination.

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