The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Music School in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria’s capital, is a vibrant city with a vibrant music scene. Numerous schools cater to aspiring musicians, offering opportunities to refine their skills in classical compositions, jazz improvisations, and contemporary music. Explore the city’s renowned music academies for a symphonic journey.

1. Tenstrings Music Institute

Locations: Ikeja, Ajah, Surulere, Akure
Overview: With a legacy spanning over a decade, Tenstrings Music Institute is a powerhouse in music education. From Afrobeat to Jazz, they offer comprehensive programs covering music performance and production.

2. Andel’s Arts Academy

Location: Surulere
Offerings: Piano, Guitar, Drums, Dance, Drama, Painting
Details: This academy doesn’t just teach music; it immerses students in a multifaceted artistic experience, nurturing diverse talents beyond notes and chords.

3. Strauss School of Music

Location: Victoria Island
Focus: Classical and Jazz genres
Uniqueness: The institution specializes in honing skills in both classical compositions and contemporary jazz, catering to enthusiasts of various musical styles.

4. Brams Music School

Location: Ijanikin Ojo
Specialty: Notable for its high-standard music programs, Brams Music School dedicates itself to nurturing young musicians at all skill levels.

5. Continental School of Music

Music School in Lagos

Location: Onipan
Mission: Providing a foundation for lifelong musical growth, Continental School of Music focuses on delivering top-notch education across all major aspects of music.

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6. Dejamix Music School

Location: Lagos (Exact address not provided)
Focus: Offers private and commercial music education, preparing students for external music examinations across various instruments.

7. Double Impact Music School

Location: Ikotun Alimosho
Nature: A denominational music school with qualified instructors and a conducive musical environment for aspiring musicians.

8. Great Moses Music Academy

Great Moses Music Academy

Location: Kaduna, Kaduna State
Objective: Approved by the Federal Government, the academy aims to provide innovative music training and foster creativity and self-reliance.

9. Lee Vocal Music School

Location: Alimosho
Offerings: Quality singing lessons and training in various musical instruments for both adults and children.

10. Shalom Gospel Music School

Location: Alimosho
Focus: Dedicated to offering outstanding services within the gospel music industry, creating a remarkable space for aspiring gospel musicians.

The diversity of these schools reflects the multifaceted nature of Lagos’ music scene. From classical purists to contemporary enthusiasts, each institution cultivates a unique musical experience. Whether you aspire to compose symphonies or spin the latest hits, these schools provide the stage for your musical dreams to flourish.

Music School in Lagos

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Whether you are drawn to the rhythms of jazz echoing down Adeola Hopewell Street or the melodic hum of instruments at Brams Music School, Lagos embraces music in its diverse forms. Each academy mentioned here contributes to the city’s rich musical tapestry, beckoning individuals to learn, create, and harmonize with the soulful beats of this vibrant city.

Aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts take note! Lagos isn’t just a city; it’s a symphony waiting to be conducted, and these schools are your baton.

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