JAMB Matriculation List Portal 2024/2025 : For All NYSC Mobilization

JAMB Matriculation List

Are you a 2024–2025 NYSC applicant? The JAMB Matriculation List Portal is for you. All NYSC mobilization procedures need this site. Only qualified individuals are mobilized for the required national service. The JAMB Matriculation List Portal verifies your Nigerian university acceptance. By confirming your name on this portal, you recognize that JAMb authorized your admission.

The JAMB Matriculation List Portal is a perfect example of the need to keep up with information in this fast-paced digital age. Don’t miss out on streamlining your NYSC mobilization. Learn the advantages and how to use the 2024–2025 JAMB Matriculation List Portal.

The Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB) has launched a platform for undergraduates to verify their admissions recognition by JAMB. Verifying your name on the matriculation list is crucial, as only genuine students from accredited institutions are recognized.

JAMB CAPS 2024/2025 E-facility Student login Portal (www.jamb.org.ng)

To be eligible

To be eligible for the JAMB Matriculation List, candidates must have participated in the JAMB UTME, scored 180 or above, and been admitted to a Nigerian tertiary institution. They must also pay the acceptance fee and complete the registration process. After meeting these requirements, they can check their names on the JAMB List portal.

How to Check the JAMB Matriculation List Now

To check your name on the JAMB Matriculation List, visit the portal at https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/CheckMatriculationList, enter your JAMB registration number, select your examination year, and click “Fetch My Details.” If you meet the requirements, your name should appear on the list. If not, contact JAMB for assistance.

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JAMB Matriculation List

Verifying one’s name on the JAMB matriculation is IMPOSRTANT in Nigeria’s admission process, confirming admission validity, protecting candidates from fraudulent institutions, and ensuring NYSC mobilization. Candidates should verify their names promptly to avoid last-minute issues.


Students who received “congratulations” as prompt messages from JAMB will be mobilized for NYSC as graduates. For those who received the “kindly print JAMB admission letter,” they should visit a cyber café outlet to print their admission letter and result slip.

This message is usually applicable to Direct Entry students. For those who received “You have not been given admission yet,” a prompt message should be sent for regularization of admissions. A form will be generated online and submitted to the Admission Office for further processing, and an email from JAMB will direct students to print out their admission letter.

How can you guarantee your name appears on the JAMB matriculation list?

To be included on the JAMB List, candidates must meet the JAMB UTME requirements, score 180 or higher, and be admitted to a Nigerian tertiary institution. They must also pay the acceptance fee and complete the registration process. If met, their name will be automatically uploaded to the list, and verification can be done through the JAMB Matriculation List portal.

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