Step-by-Step Guide: How to Register for the WAEC GCE Second Series 2024/2025

WAEC GCE Second Series
WAEC GCE Second Series: What You Need to Know

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has announced the commencement of registration for the 2023 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private Candidates, Second Series (August/October). This article will walk you through the step-by-step registration process to ensure a smooth and successful registration.


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Step 1:


Candidates are required to start their registration by enrolling their fingerprints and capturing other personal details using the Biometric Data Capture software. If you have a fingerprint scanner, you can download the software and visit any registration center with such facilities to scan your fingerprints. Make sure your surname, first name, and other names are accurately captured using the software.

WAEC GCE Second Series
WAEC GCE Second Series

Step 2:

Bio Data

In this step, you need to enter your biodata, including gender, disability (select “NONE” if not disabled), marital status, maiden name (if applicable), date of birth, nationality, and state of origin. It’s essential to note that your name must not exceed 40 characters, including spaces between the surname, first name, and other names.

Step 3:

Picture Capture Using a Webcam

You’ll be required to take a picture with a webcam that meets the minimum camera specifications. The best-recommended webcam is the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 Webcam. Remember that this picture will be printed on your photo card and certificate before and after your WAEC GCE Second Series exam.

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Step 4:

Contact Information

Provide your contact details, including your mobile number and work email address. Ensure that your phone number is correct, as it will be used to contact you if necessary. You’ll also need to provide your residential address, city, state of origin, postal code address, city, and state.

Step 5:

Selection of the Preferred Examination Town

Choose the state and town where you wish to write the examination. The system will automatically generate the exact examination center for you. Please note that you cannot change your examination town after submission. It is very important to be very careful at this step.

Step 6:

Subject Selection

All the subjects are the most important IN WAEC GCE Second Series. English language and mathematics are compulsory subjects and will be automatically selected for you. You can select a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of nine (9) subjects, including English language and mathematics.

Step 7:

WAEC GCE Second Series Declaration

All you have done is follow the above steps from 1 to 5. Read the declaration section carefully and check the checkboxes to confirm your understanding and agreement with the terms. You cannot proceed without doing this.

Step 8:

Submitting Registration

Once you’ve completed the registration form, click the “accept” button. A preview of your details will be displayed. Review every part of the application form you filled out and click the “EDIT” button if you need to make any changes. You can save your WAEC GCE Second Series application form to come back later, but you can only edit it up to three times. Click the “SUBMIT” button to finalize your application. Note that you won’t be able to modify your application after submitting it, just like I said before.

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Step 9:

Printing of Admission Notice/Photo Card

Once you have successfully completed and submitted your registration form, the system will allocate an examination center to you and generate your examination number. It’s important to print the admission notice or photo card, as it will be required for entry into the examination hall.

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Following these step-by-step instructions will ensure a free registration process for the WAEC GCE Second Series in 2023. Remember to double-check your information and follow the guidelines to avoid any issues during the examination. Good luck with your preparations!

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