UNIPORT School Fees Guide for Freshers and Returning Students 2024-2025 Academic Session

The University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) is an exciting endeavor, but understanding the intricacies of school fees is crucial for both freshmen and returning students. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of UNIPORT’s school fee structure for the 2024–2025 academic session, covering everything from acceptance fees to faculty-specific costs.

UNIPORT School Fees Overview

The University of Port Harcourt has released the school fees for the upcoming academic session. To access this information, students are directed to the official UNIPORT portal at www.uniport.edu.ng. The fees are presented in a clear tabular format, providing a breakdown of costs for both new and returning students.

Acceptance Fee Insights

One of the primary financial considerations for freshmen is the acceptance fee. This mandatory and non-refundable fee, estimated between N20,000 and N50,000, is applicable to every newly admitted 100L student. Ensuring timely payment is crucial to securing a spot at the university.

 Faculty-Specific Fees

Understanding that fees can vary across faculties and departments, we’ve compiled a sample breakdown for different faculties:

Faculty of Agriculture:

  • Crop and Soil Science: ₦127,150 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)
  • Animal Science: ₦127,150 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)

Faculty of Education:

  • Human Kinetics and Health Education: ₦97,950 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)


  • Theatre Arts: ₦111,450 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)


  • Physics: ₦125,500 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)

College of Health Science:

  • Medicine and Surgery: ₦97,750 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)


  • Civil Engineering: ₦114,600 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)

Management Science:

  • Accounting: ₦92,150 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)


  • Pharmacy: ₦113,950 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)
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Social Sciences:

  • Economics: ₦112,150 (New) | ₦45,000 (Returning)


As students prepare for the 2024–2025 academic session at UNIPORT, this guide provides important information. It covers acceptance fees, costs specific to each faculty, payment deadlines, and interactive platforms. With this knowledge, students can confidently make financial decisions for their educational journey.

(FAQs) (UNIPORT) school fees

1. What is the official UNIPORT portal for accessing school fee information?

The official portal for UNIPORT, where students can find detailed information about school fees, is www.uniport.edu.ng.

2. When is the deadline for payment of acceptance fees for newly admitted students?

The acceptance fee deadline for newly admitted students can vary, and students are advised to check the official portal for the most up-to-date information.

3. How much is the acceptance fee for new students at UNIPORT?

The acceptance fee for newly admitted 100L students at UNIPORT is estimated to be between N20,000 and N50,000.

4. Can the acceptance fee be refunded if a student decides not to attend UNIPORT?

No, the acceptance fee is non-refundable, and it is mandatory for securing a spot at UNIPORT.

5. What are the penalties for late payment of school fees?

Penalties for late payment of school fees can vary, and students are encouraged to pay their fees on time to avoid complications.

6. Is the school fee structure the same for all faculties at UNIPORT?

No, the school fees vary across faculties and departments. Each faculty has its own fee structure.

7. How often are the school fees updated at UNIPORT?

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The school fees information is subject to change, and updates are made as needed. Students are advised to check the official portal regularly for the latest information.

8. Are there scholarships available for UNIPORT students to offset school fees?

UNIPORT may offer scholarships, and students can inquire with the university’s scholarship department for details and eligibility criteria.

9. Can school fees be paid in installments at UNIPORT?

The payment structure, including the possibility of installment payments, may vary. Students should check with the university’s bursary department for specific details.

10. Are returning students required to pay acceptance fees?

No, acceptance fees are typically applicable to newly admitted students (100L) and are not required for returning students.

11. What are the additional fees that students may need to pay aside from tuition?

Additional fees may include the student union fee, library fee, medical fee, sports fee, hostel fee, examination fee, and graduation fee. Specific fees may vary.

12. How can students make payments for school fees at UNIPORT?

Payment methods for school fees may include online platforms, bank transfers, or other methods. The university’s bursary department provides details on acceptable payment options.

13. Is there a provision for financial aid for students facing difficulties paying fees?

UNIPORT may have provisions for financial aid or assistance. Students facing financial challenges should contact the university’s bursary or financial aid office for support.

14. Can students access their school fee statements online?

Yes, students can typically access their school fee statements online through the university portal.

15. Are there penalties for not paying school fees on time?

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Late payment of school fees may attract penalties, and students are advised to pay on or before the stipulated deadlines.

16. How do international students pay their school fees at UNIPORT?

International students may have specific payment processes, and they should contact the international office or bursary department for guidance.

17. Is there a grace period for fee payment after the official deadline?

Grace periods for fee payment can vary. Students should refer to the official announcements or contact the bursary department for information on grace periods.

18. Can students defer payment of school fees in case of unforeseen circumstances?

Deferment of school fees may be subject to the university’s policies. Students facing unforeseen circumstances should contact the bursary department for guidance.

19. Are there penalties for withdrawing from the university after paying school fees?

Penalties for withdrawal after paying school fees may depend on the timing and circumstances. Students should inquire with the bursary or registrar’s office for specific details.

20. How can students confirm the authenticity of fee payment receipts?

Students can confirm the authenticity of fee payment receipts by checking the official receipt format provided by the university and verifying payment through the designated channels.

21. Are there opportunities for work-study programs to help offset school fees?

UNIPORT may offer work-study programs. Students interested in such opportunities should inquire with the university’s employment or career services office.

22. How can students stay updated on any changes in the school fees structure?

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