UNIPORT’s Courses and Departmental & Jamb Cut-off Marks for 2024-2025

Going to college is an exciting journey with endless possibilities. If you’re planning to attend the University of Port-Harcourt (UNIPORT) for the 2024–2025 school year, it’s important to know the available courses and the minimum grades needed for each department. This blog post is a detailed guide that provides information on the different undergraduate programs at UNIPORT and the required scores for aspiring students.

UNIPORT: An Overview

Established in 1976 as University College, Port Harcourt, UNIPORT has grown to become a well-respected Nigerian university. In 1977, it was granted university status and has received official accreditation and recognition from the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria. UNIPORT boasts a diverse student body and offers a variety of degree programs in different faculties to cater to their academic interests and career goals.

Available Undergraduate Courses:

UNIPORT’s academic offerings span across different faculties, including administration, agriculture, arts, basic medical sciences, education, engineering, environmental science, law, medicine, pharmacy, science, and social science. Here is a comprehensive list of the undergraduate courses available at UNIPORT:

  1. Accounting
  2. Adult and Non-Formal Education
  3. Adult Education
  4. Agric-Economics and Extension
  5. Agriculture
  6. Anatomy
  7. Animal and Environmental Biology
  8. Animal Science
  9. Banking & Finance
  10. Biochemistry
  11. Botany
  12. Business Education
  13. Business Management
  14. Chemical Engineering
  15. Chemistry
  16. Civil Engineering
  17. Civil Law
  18. Computer Science
  19. Computer Science and Mathematics
  20. Computer with Statistics
  21. Creative Arts
  22. Dentistry and Dental Surgery
  23. Drama/Dramatic/Performing Arts
  24. Early Childhood Education
  25. Economics
  26. Education and Accounting
  27. Education and Biology
  28. Education and Chemistry
  29. Education and Computer Science
  30. Education & Economics
  31. Education and the English Language
  32. Education and French
  33. Education and Geography
  34. Education and History
  35. Education & Mathematics
  36. Education & Physics
  37. Education & Political Science
  38. Education & Religious Studies
  39. Education and Social Science
  40. Education and Social Studies
  41. Education Arts
  42. Education Fine Art
  43. Education Foundations and Management
  44. Educational/Psychology Guidance & Counselling
  45. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  46. Electrical Engineering
  47. Electronics Engineering
  48. English Language
  49. Environmental Education
  50. Environmental Engineering
  51. Environmental Technology
  52. Fine Arts & Design
  53. Fisheries
  54. Food Science and Technology
  55. Forestry and Wildlife
  56. French
  57. Geography and Environmental Management
  58. Geology
  59. History
  60. Home Science
  61. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  62. Human Kinetics and Health Education
  63. Industrial Chemistry
  64. Library & Information Science
  65. Linguistics and Communication Studies
  66. Linguistics and Nigeriannn Language
  67. Marketing
  68. Mathematics
  69. Mathematics & Statistics
  70. Mathematics with Computer Science
  71. Mechanical Engineering
  72. Mechatronics Engineering
  73. Medicine and Surgery
  74. Microbiology
  75. Music
  76. Natural Gas Engineering
  77. Nursing/Nursing Science
  78. Petroleum and Gas Engineering
  79. Pharmacy
  80. Philosophy
  81. Physical Education
  82. Physics
  83. Physics with Electronics
  84. Physiology
  85. Plant Science and Biotechnology
  86. Political and Administrative Studies
  87. Primary Education
  88. Public Administration
  89. Pure & Applied Mathematics
  90. Pure & Industrial Chemistry
  91. Religious and Cultural Studies
  92. Science Education
  93. Science Laboratory Technology
  94. Social Work
  95. Sociology
  96. Teacher Education Science
  97. Theatre and Film Studies
  98. Zoology
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Departmental and Jamb Cut-off Marks for 2023-2024:

It is crucial for prospective students to understand the departmental cut-off marks when applying for admission into their desired courses. The general cut-off mark is set at 150, but it’s important to note that competitive courses like Medicine & Surgery, Pharmacy, and Nursing require a minimum score of 200. This higher standard is due to the intense competition for admission into these programs.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the departmental cut-off marks for UNIPORT’s various courses:

(Note: All departmental cut-off marks are set at 150 unless specified otherwise)


As you embark on the exciting journey of higher education, choosing the right university and course is a significant step. The University of Port-Harcourt offers a diverse range of undergraduate programs, providing students with the opportunity to pursue their academic and career aspirations.

Prospective students are encouraged to aim for excellence by not only meeting the minimum cut-off marks but surpassing them, especially for highly competitive courses. Regularly checking the official UNIPORT website and staying informed about any additional admission requirements is essential for a smooth application process.

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