JUPEB 2024-2025 Examination Timetable Released: Check Exam Dates and Starting Date

JUPEB 2023 Timetable

JUPEB 2023 Examination Timetable is now available, with full details updated. Candidates should check the following for the updated schedule:

Academic Calendar: December 19-23, 2023; mock examination on June 26-28, 2023; general revision on July 6-28, 2023; final JUPEB examination on August 11-11, 2023.

JUPEB 2023 Timetable
JUPEB 2023 Timetable

Benefits of Applying to a Private Center for JUPEB 2024–2025

We are affiliated with accredited private centers that run the JUPEB program, not universities. Private centers are not affected by ASUU strikes, making them more cost-effective than university enrollments. They are more dedicated to their students, starting their academic sessions earlier than university centers and offering a minimum of ₦140,000 in installments.

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Private centers also follow up on students’ welfare until admission, ensuring they are admitted into their preferred institutions. Private centers also provide enough time for lectures, allowing students to receive lectures earlier than university centers and offering a more flexible payment plan.

What you don’t know about JUPEB

Jupeb is a one-day exam that is considered more complex than Jamb. It is accepted by UK universities and is regarded as an O-level or A-level exam. The highest score in JUPEB is a 98.5% success rate, with a validity of five years. The exam has a success rate of 98.5%, and it is valid for two sittings. JUPEB offers various certificates and subjects, but there are disadvantages and questions.

jupeb calendar 2024

JUPEB Final Examination Timetable for 2022/2023 Academic Session

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JUPEB Question | Answer

| How many months does it take for Jupeb’s result to come out? |

Generally, it takes about 2 to 3 months for JUPEB results to be released. 

| Does Jupeb repeat past questions? |

There is a possibility that some questions may be repeated, but there is no guarantee. It is important to prepare thoroughly for the exam. |

| How difficult is Jupeb? |

JUPEB is known to be a challenging exam, but with proper preparation, it is manageable. |

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| Does Jupeb accept two sittings? |

Yes, JUPEB accepts two sittings for O’level examinations. |

| What is the highest score in JUPEB? |

The highest score in JUPEB is 15 points, attained by obtaining an A in all three subjects. |

| How many semesters does JUPEB have? |

JUPEB is a one-year program divided into two semesters. |

| What is JUPEB’s success rate? |

The success rate in JUPEB varies, but many students have gone on to gain admission into universities through JUPEB. |

| How many years is JUPEB valid for? |

JUPEB result is valid for one academic session only. |

| What certificate does JUPEB offer? |

JUPEB offers a certificate of completion, equivalent to an A-level certificate. |

| How many subjects will I write in JUPEB? |

JUPEB students write three subjects relevant to their intended course of study. |

| What is the disadvantages of JUPEB? |

One possible disadvantage of JUPEB is the cost of fees compared to other programs. |

| Is JUPEB accepted abroad? |

JUPEB certificate is recognized by some universities abroad. However, it is crucial to confirm with the particular institution.

| Who owns JUPEB? |

JUPEB is a national examination body owned by a consortium of universities led by the University of Lagos. |

| Who are JUPEB students? |

JUPEB students are usually those seeking admission into universities after completing secondary school. |

| Can I study medicine with JUPEB? |

Yes, students can study medicine and other courses with JUPEB. |

| Do UK universities accept JUPEB? |

Some UK universities do accept JUPEB, but it is important to confirm with the institution. |

| Can I do JUPEB without JAMB? |

Yes, JUPEB does not require JAMB for admission. |

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| Is JUPEB a one-day exam? |

No, JUPEB exams are usually conducted over some time. |

| Is JUPEB harder than jamb? |

JUPEB is considered more challenging than JAMB, but it is important to note that both exams require adequate preparation. |

| Is JUPEB an O level? |

No, JUPEB is equivalent to A’level. |

| Is JUPEB an A-level exam? |

Yes, JUPEB is equivalent to A’level. |

| How many times is JUPEB done in a year? |

JUPEB examinations are conducted once a year, usually in June. |

| Which one is better between pre-degree and JUPEB? |

It depends on individual circumstances and preferences. It is important to research and consider both options before making a decision. |

| What is the cut-off score for JUPEB? |

JUPEB does not have a specific cut-off score as an admission


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