JAMB Course Eligibility Checker Tool – For 2024/2025 UTME/DE Candidates

JAMB Course Eligibility Checker
Don’t Waste Time: Find Your Perfect JAMB Course with the Eligibility Checker

Are you among the countless Nigerian students in 2024 aspiring to enter a tertiary UNIVERSITYbut need to know if you meet the eligibility standards for your chosen course and institution? Look no further than the JAMB Integrated Brochure & Syllabus System’s Course Eligibility Checker (IBASS).

This tool is developed to help you confirm your eligibility, matching your requirements with the programs offered by different universities in Nigeria. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through using the JAMB Course Eligibility Checker tool and provide vital information to help you in the right direction for your academic course.


 JAMB Course Eligibility Checker

JAMB’s Course Eligibility Checker, available through IBASS, is a platform that allows both UTME and Direct Entry (DE) candidates to verify if they meet the admission requirements for their preferred institution and course of study. It’s essential to align your UTME and O’Level subjects with the prerequisites of your chosen institution, as deviations may affect your admission prospects.

How to Use the JAMB Course Eligibility Checker: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the JAMB Course Eligibility Checker:

  1. Visit the Portal: Log on to the jamb ibass login Portal using this link: Use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Mozilla for easy access.
  2. Select Mode of Entry: Choose your entry mode, whether UTME or Direct Entry.
  3. Select School Type: Pick the institution you’re interested in, including Degree Awarding Institution, NCE, ND, or NID.
  4. Choose a Category: Select your preferred institution category and then choose the specific course of study.
  5. Enter Your Results: Provide your A’Level and O’Level results as required.
  6. Check Your Eligibility: After completing all the necessary information, click the Check Course Eligibility” button to determine your JAMB eligibility.
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JAMB Course Eligibility Checker
JAMB Course Eligibility Checker


Understanding the results

Once you’ve completed the eligibility check, the system will generate a list of institutions for which you meet eligibility criteria based on the information provided. If you do not meet the requirements of any institution, a notification will be sent to you.

Why Use the JAMB Course Eligibility Checker?

  • Ensure Admission Success: Using the eligibility checker, you can ensure that your chosen course and institution align with your academic qualifications, minimizing the risk of being denied admission.
  • Guide for Change of Course or Institution: If you’re considering changing your course or institution, it’s highly advisable to use the JAMB course eligibility checker first. IT ALSO ensures you are eligible for the new educational path you intend to pursue.
  • Strategic Planning: Knowing your eligibility in advance allows you to plan strategically, focus your efforts on the right institutions, and reduce the uncertainty surrounding your admission prospects.
  • Mobile App: Android users can also install the JAMB Course Eligibility Checker Mobile App via the Google Play store for added convenience.

Different Categories to Select from on the JAMB IBASS Course Eligibility Checker

The JAMB Course Eligibility Checker offers different categories for selecting, including:

JAMB Eligibility TOOL

  • Mode of entry
  • Choose an Institution Type
  • Pick an Institution Category
  • Select an institution.
  • Choose a program.
  • O’Level Selection: Select your O’Level credits (A1-C6); select your O’Level Passes (D7-E8)
  • Select your A’Level Credit and A’Level Pass (for those who took A levels).
  • Select your UTME Subject Combination

How to Use JAMB IBASS Course Eligibility Checker

Follow these steps to check your eligibility using the JAMB IBASS Course Eligibility Checker:

  1. Visit the JAMB Portal: Go to the JAMB portal via
  2. Initiate the Check: Click “CHECK COURSE ELIGIBILITY” at the top of the dashboard.
  3. Wait for loading: Allow the page to load correctly. You will see “PAGE LOADED.”
  4. Select Options: Follow the on-screen instructions, selecting your entry mode, institution type, category, institution, and aspiring course.
  5. Provide Your Results: Fill in your O’Level or A’Level details according to the instructions.
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This system allows candidates to confidently estimate their eligibility for their chosen courses and make knowledgeable decisions regarding their educational approach. Verifying your course eligibility through this platform is wise before considering any changes to your course or institution.

JAMB Eligibility Checker


The JAMB Course Eligibility Checker is priceless for all candidates desiring to enter Nigerian tertiary institutions. It permits you to align your academic qualifications with your chosen course and institution, reducing the risk of admission difficulties. Use this tool to increase your chances of admission to the program and UNIVERSITY of your dreams.

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