JAMB 2024 Novel (The Life Changer) A Must-Read Novel for JAMB Candidates

JAMB 2024 Novel

In preparation for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board’s (JAMB) gears up for the 2024 UTME, the recommended jamb 2024 novel is undoubtedly one of the most necessary parts of your preparation. The novel for the Use of English examination was “The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli in 2023/2024. In order to help you PASS the JAMB exam SCHEDULE, schoolaffairs summarize this jamb-approved novel and share understandings into its chapters.

Essential Lessons and Moral Values in JAMB’s Novel: The Life Changer

Chapter 1: “Life Changers”

The story starts with a six-year-old family anxiously awaiting Mr. Esquire’s arrival. During this NYSC service, Bint, one of the family members, narrates an intriguing encounter with her Social Studies teacher, Mallam Salihu. This chapter sets the stage for the novel, delivering a glimpse into Bint’s intelligence and funny personality. We also learn about Omar’s admission to study law at Ahmadu Bello University and the transformative power of education.

Chapter 2: “Life Changers”

This chapter takes us back in time as Ummi, Omar’s mother, shares her university adventure. She tells students’ freedom and carefree lives on campus with a touch of sentimentality. Ummi’s story includes a memorable encounter with Salma, a worldly young lady who navigates the elaborateness of university life.

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Chapter 3: “Life Changers”

In this novel, Ummi introduces us to “the quiet one,” Talle, whose birth brought hope and disaster to his family. Talle’s silent personality and the events that led him to make a fateful decision are scoured in this chapter, offering a deeper understanding of the book’s articles.

JAMB 2024 Novel
JAMB 2024 Novel

The Life Changer: An In-Depth Analysis of JAMB’s Novel

Chapter 4: “Life Changers”

Chapter 4 talks about Salma’s world, emphasizing her phenomenon and self-assuredness. The chapter narrates her encounter with Dr. Debo, her class coordinator, and the outcomes of their relationship. Salma’s journey through university life takes a surprising turn in this novel area.

Chapter 5: “Life Changer”

This reveals a twist in the novel implicating Salma’s mischievousness and her encounter with two men, Habib and Labaran. This chapter exposes the consequences of her actions, which have a meaningful impact on her life and the lives of those around her.

Chapter 6: “Life Changer

Salma’s academic challenges come to the forefront in this chapter as she faces the difficulty of Moral Philosophy. Her choices during an examination have far-reaching results and lead to a life-changing event.

Chapter 7: “Life Changer”

Salma seeks help from Habib and enters into a scary attempt to influence the Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC). This chapter discusses her tough decisions and the unexpected outcomes of her actions.

Chapter 8: “Life Changer”

Chapter 8 reveals the true identity of Mohammed Kabir and his involvement in the story’s unfolding drama. It showcases how alliances are formed and broken as the characters navigate the challenges of their lives.

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The Life Changer: The Bottom Line

Chapter 9: “Life Changer”

In the final chapter of the summary, we uncover Salim’s experience with social media and his encounter with random situations. The novel brings all these stories full circle as the family eagerly awaits the return of their father.



“The Life Changer” is a novel that examines different aspects of life on a university campus, emphasizing the choices and consequences that shape the lives of its characters. It is a story of transformation, self-discovery, and the impact of education. To prepare for your 2024 JAMB UTME, read and understand this novel.

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