The Complete 2024-2025 List of the 10 Worst Colleges in America by State

Worst Colleges in America

The 10 Worst Colleges in America You’ll Want to Avoid (2023-2024 List)

This Article identifies the 10 worst colleges in America for the 2023-2024 academic year, categorized by state. These institutions have consistently failed to meet students’ expectations, offering you valuable insight to help make informed decisions ahead of time.

The list includes outdated facilities, subpar faculty, and limited resources. Whether a parent or a prospective student, this list will help you avoid these underperforming institutions and empower you to choose a college that will set you up for a successful time in your education.

The 10 worst colleges in America by state

The list of the 10 worst colleges in America by state is provided for your consideration. If you’re seeking in enrolling in the best college in America, it’s important to conduct thorough research from the list provided below and don’t skip any paragraph.

1. University of Phoenix:

– This non-profit college is known for its online programs.
– The college has been criticized for high tuition fees and low graduation rates.
– Many students are left with significant loan debt.
– The total cost for a year, including tuition, books, supplies, room and board, and other expenses, is $28,552.
– The graduation rate within 6 years is 33%.
– The average annual salary after 10 years is $25,300.

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2. DeVry University:

DeVry University, located in Illinois, is the worst college in America with a 127-166 out of 167 rating. Despite offering friendly online classes, the school lacks interest in providing the best value for money. With a 50% acceptance rate and a 20.6% graduation rate, many students struggle to graduate or abandon their programs, resulting in a debt of over $29000.

3. Full Sail University:

This private, for-profit college, specializing in media arts and entertainment programs, has been accused of charging high tuition rates that often result in a heavy burden of student loan debt.

4. The Art Institutes:

A network of for-profit career colleges, The Art Institutes have faced criticism for their employment statistics and high loan default rates among graduates.

5. Everest College:

Everest is among the worst colleges in America and has been subject to investigations and lawsuits regarding allegations of false advertising, misleading recruitment tactics, and high loan default rates.

6. ITT Technical Institute:

Once a leading worst colleges in America, ITT Tech faced accreditation issues, and lawsuits, and eventually shut down in 2016, leaving many students with considerable loan debt and no degree.

7. University of Phoenix Online:

is one of the worst colleges in America Similar to its parent institution, the online division of the University of Phoenix has faced criticism for its high costs, low student success rates, and high loan default rates.

8. Ashford University:

florida memorial university
florida memorial university 


An online for-profit institution, being among the worst colleges in America Ashford University has faced scrutiny for its high tuition fees, low graduation rates, and concerns about the quality of education provided.

9. Westwood College:

This now-closed worst colleges in America chain faced numerous lawsuits alleging deceptive recruiting practices and inadequate education, leaving many students with excessive loan debt and no degree.

10. Kaplan University:

Kaplan University

Another for-profit institution, Kaplan University has faced criticism for its high tuition fees and low graduation rates, which have resulted in many students experiencing significant student loan debt.

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Here is the break down to the above listed of the worst colleges in America by state

College Location Cost of Fees Graduation Rate
University of Phoenix Arizona $398 per credit hour (undergraduate) 21%
DeVry University Illinois $609 per credit hour (undergraduate) 17%
Art Institutes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Varies by campus 22%
Everest College Thornton, CO – 232 (ACICS) Varies by program and campus 28%
ITT Technical Institute Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills Depends on the program and campus 19%
Ashford University California Depends on the program 23%
Full Sail University Florida Depends on the program Data not available
University of Southern New Hampshire Manchester, NH $320 per credit hour (undergraduate) 40%
American InterContinental University Chandler, AZ, United States $302 per credit hour (undergraduate) 21%
Kaplan University Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States $371 per credit hour (undergraduate) Data not available
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The Universities with the Worst Return on Economic score

Worst Colleges in America

University Name Economic Score Location
Clark Atlanta University 13.2 Atlanta, Georgia
Savannah College of Art and Design 9.7 Savannah, Georgia
Berklee College of Music 20.9 Boston, Massachusetts
Claflin University 10.3 Orangeburg, South Carolina
Keiser University, Ft Lauderdale 11.9 Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Central State University 10.1 Wilberforce, Ohio
Alcorn State University 8.8 Alcorn, Mississippi
Benedict College 11.1 Columbia, South Carolina
South Carolina State University 9.6 Orangeburg, South Carolina
Texas Southern University 9.4 Houston, Texas
Florida National University 14.0 Hialeah, Florida
New England College 10.1 Henniker, New Hampshire
Grambling State University 11.9 Grambling, Louisiana
School of Visual Arts 9.3 New York City, New York
Bethune-Cookman University 9.0 Daytona Beach, Florida
Academy of Art University 11.8 San Francisco, California
Tuskegee University 9.5 Tuskegee, Alabama
Herzing University, Madison 12.1 Madison, Wisconsin
Sullivan University 9.7 Louisville, Kentucky
Alabama State University 14.4 Montgomery, Alabama
ECPI University 8.8 Virginia Beach, Virginia

what people are asking

Question Answer
What is the lowest-ranked university in America?
Berklee College of Music
What is the #1 college in the USA?
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
What are the 5 hardest colleges to get into? Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, Caltech, and Princeton University.

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