These Are 6 Worst College Majors for Your Career To Avoid

worst majors

worst majors

Many degree holders face unemployment or struggle to find well-paying jobs due to their chosen major. The choice of major significantly impacts employment opportunities in the future, prospects, and long-term employability. To help choose a wise field of study, it is important to avoid the worst majors with low employment rates and lower earning potential during your time in school.

The Worst Majors for Your Career

While it is not fair to categorize any college major as inherently “the worst,” there are certain fields of study that may face challenges in terms of job prospects and earning potential.

1. Fine Arts:

worst majors

Pursuing a fine arts major can be challenging due to the highly competitive nature of the industry and the limited number of job opportunities available. Additionally, the financial returns in this field may not be as high as in other professions. The average base pay is 49,702 per year A fine arts major offers students the chance to work with a wide range of art forms.

so A fine arts major offers students the opportunity to work with various art forms, including graphic design, painting, digital photography, creative drawing, and animation. This degree can lead to careers in photography, graphic design, acting, and animation.

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2. Philosophy:

worst majors

Philosophy is a major that focuses on critical thinking and theoretical concepts rather than specific vocational skills. This can make it more difficult for graduates to find job opportunities directly related to their major. Many philosophy majors may choose to pursue further education or explore careers outside traditional academia. The philosophy degree program studies past events with an average base pay of $59,029 per year.

3. Religious Studies:

worst majors

Similar to philosophy, religious studies can face challenges in terms of translating their theoretical knowledge into practical job opportunities. Graduates in this field often pursue careers in education, counseling, or ministry, but the job market can be limited.

Spiritual callings may bring rewards, but not in monetary form.
Religious education directors earn a median salary of $38,979.
Clergy members earn a median salary of $44,013.
Other religious workers earn a median salary of $29,141 annually.

4. Literature:

worst majors

While studying literature can be intellectually enriching, it may not provide as many direct career paths as other majors. Graduates may need to explore various avenues, such as publishing, writing, teaching, or entering related fields, to avoid being the worst majors.

5. Gender Studies:

worst majors

The field of gender studies is still relatively new, and job prospects can be limited. Graduates may need to be flexible in finding and creating opportunities within academia, non-profit organizations, or advocacy work. Average base pay: $41,783 per year A  gender studies major equips students with knowledge of the opposite gender.

6. Archaeology:

worst majors
worst majors

Pursuing archaeology can be challenging due to limited job openings and fierce competition in the field. Fieldwork can be physically demanding, and career opportunities may require extensive travel or advanced degrees.

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Colleges and universities have different missions, visions, and academic excellence. When choosing a college major, it’s crucial to choose an institution that offers strong education and career preparation.

Some colleges with the lowest employment rates and career prospects for recent graduates include associate’s degree institutions with fewer than 30,000 students, bachelor’s degree programs with fewer than 50% of coursework completed in residence, master’s degree programs in fields with fewer than 1,000 graduate students, and doctoral degree programs in fields with fewer than 1,000 students.

It’s also important to check if the college offers professional training or certification to help you reach your career goals, as this may allow you to choose the best and worst-paying majors or transfer credits to other institutions.

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