Top 9 Toughest Courses to Study in Nigerian Polytechnics

Toughest Courses to Study in Nigerian

Most Challenging Courses to Study in Nigeria

Regarding higher education in Nigeria, students usually face the tough decision of choosing a course. While each course has its own unique challenges, some are particularly demanding and strict. In this blog post, we’ll dig into the top nine most challenging courses to study in Nigerian polytechnics. These courses require commitment, hard work, and high academic rigor. Are you ready to dive into the world of challenging educational courses? Let’s start these courses in more detail.


Office Technology Management:

Office Technology Management:
Office Technology Management:

Office Technology Management (OTM) is a popular course in Nigerian polytechnics, but it’s more challenging than it might seem. The department is known for its challenging component, “shorthand,” making it a demanding field of study.

Mass Communication:

Mass Communication is a highly competitive and demanding course. Despite its popularity, it requires students to be academically sound due to the strict nature of the curriculum. The department proposes opportunities to work in media but has its challenges.


hardest university courses

Mathematics and statistics are not courses for the faint of heart. It’s known for its toughness and has fewer applicants than other departments. Students in this field must excel in data analysis and mathematical concepts.

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Food Science and Technology:

hardest university courses

Contrary to the misconception that it’s about catering services, food science and technology are challenging fields. Students are food scientists, not just caterers. This course involves complex scientific concepts and is far from easy.

Arts and Designs:

hardest university courses

The Department of Arts and Design focuses on creativity and design. It offers theoretical, conceptual, and technical skills to excel as professional artists and designers. Please don’t underestimate this department; it’s not as easy as it might seem.

Mechatronics Engineering:

toughest degree in the world

Mechatronics engineering is a low-population field, and it’s extremely tough for a reason. Given its complexity and demands, only the brightest minds can succeed in this course.

Agricultural Engineering Technology:

toughest courses in the world

Agricultural Engineering Technology is among the most challenging courses. It concentrates on the development of farm machinery and its implementation. Graduates can work in various industries, but they must endure a challenging curriculum.

Architectural Technology and Building Technology:

toughest courses in the world

Architectural technology and building technology courses are stressful and time-consuming. They have unique practicals and exams compared to other fields. Graduates from these departments can pursue careers as architects, town planners, and more.

Surveying, Geo-Informatics, and Quantity Surveying:

toughest courses in the world
toughest courses in the world

Courses like surveying, geo-informatics, and quantity surveying are no walk in the park. Success in these courses requires dedication to reading and study. They’re not for those forced to put in the effort.

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Each of Nigeria’s polytechnics offers a varying level of difficulty, and it takes dedication, interest, and effort to succeed in these courses. When choosing your course, consider your passions and career aspirations. You can follow through with hard work and commitment if you choose a course aligned with your interests and career goals.

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