Parents Speak Out: Challenges of Affording School Fees In Nigeria

School Fees In Nigeria

Nigerian parents and guardians are facing financial challenges as primary and secondary schools reopen after a three-term break. Fuel prices have increased from A234 per liter in the previous term to A234 per liter now. The surge is due to the federal government’s removal of fuel subsidies, causing shockwaves throughout the nation.

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The first term of the academic year is traditionally a transition period for many students and pupils, and new classes mean new uniforms, textbooks, and additional expenses for already stretched-thin parents. However, many schools within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and across the states have quietly increased their fees and logistics charges.

Sarah Thompson, a civil servant and resident of Karshi Abuja, lamented that it’s understood that schools need to cover their costs, but pleaded for transparency and a fair balance between quality education and affordability. Fatima Ahmed, a tailor, lamented that she wants the best education for her child, but it’s becoming increasingly unaffordable. The government needs to step in and address these issues.

school fees in Nigeria

A mother of triplets, Enuwa Ochefu, expressed her struggle as parents are left with no choice but to make sacrifices in other aspects of their lives to ensure their children can continue their education. Education is a fundamental right, and seeing it becoming a luxury for many is disheartening.

Miss Israel Kwer, the proprietor of Mt Moriah Group of Schools, Abuja, shared her perspective on the matter in an interview with DAILY POST on Sunday. She revealed that her school had been facing difficulties paying its staff since the removal of the fuel subsidy. Despite the challenging circumstances, she stated that her institution had not increased its bus fees.

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Chief Chris Eze, a parent in Enugu State, said it was high time both the government and school proprietors exhibited sensitivity and responsiveness to the plight of parents. He said that education is the cornerstone of a nation’s progress, and it’s essential that we work together to ensure it remains accessible and affordable, particularly during these challenging economic times.

Some parents are withdrawing their wards from private schools owing to their inability to pay the adjusted fees.

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Parents in Nigeria are out about the challenges of affording school fees. With the cost of education rising, many families are struggling to keep up. Some are even forced to send their chspeaking ildren to work instead of school. What are the challenges you face when it comes to affording school fees? Have you been forced to make tough decisions about your child’s education? Share your story with us in the comments.


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