Top Scholarships for UNILAG Undergraduate Students and How to Apply

Scholarships for UNILAG Undergraduate

When it comes to pursuing higher education, one of the significant concerns for many students and their families is the cost of tuition and related expenses. Fortunately, there are many scholarships available to help ease the financial burden, and the University of Lagos (UNILAG) offers lots of scholarships for its undergraduate students. In this post, we’ll provide you with a complete list of these scholarships to help you explore the possibilities of funding your education.


List of Scholarships for UNILAG Undergraduate Students”

  1. African American Institute Scholarship
  2. A. G. Leventis Nigeria Limited Scholarship
  3. Arney Road Tone Scholarship
  4. Association of African University Scholarship
  5. Commonwealth Scholarship
  6. Elder Dempster Agency Scholarship
  7. Gulf Oil of Nigeria Limited Scholarship
  8. International Merchant Bank (1MB) Scholarship
  9. International University Exchange Fund Scholarship
  10. Julius Berger Nigeria Limited Scholarship
  11. Mobil Oil Nigeria Limited Scholarship
  12. National Library of Nigeria Scholarship
  13. National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) Scholarship
  14. Nigerian Army and Navy Scholarship
  15. Nigerian Breweries Limited Scholarship
  16. P. Z. and Co. Nigeria Limited Scholarship
  17. Shell B. P. Petroleum Development of Nigeria Ltd. Scholarship
  18. U.A.C. of Nigeria Limited Scholarship
  19. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Scholarship
  20. United States Information Services (USIS) Scholarship
  21. Van Leer Containers Co. Scholarship
  22. Nigerian Tobacco Co. Limited Scholarship
  23. Federal Cameroon Government Scholarship
  24. Federal Republic of Germany Scholarship
  25. Mobil Exploration of Nigeria Scholarship
  26. Nigerian Ports Authority Scholarship
  27. Elf Nigeria Limited Scholarship
  28. Standard Bank of Nigeria Limited Scholarship
  29. West African Portland Cement Co. Limited Scholarship
  30. Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship
  31. Federal Government of Nigeria (State) Scholarship
  32. Seven-Up Company Scholarship
  33. Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Scholarship
  34. The United Nigeria Insurance Company Limited (UNIC) Scholarship
  35. Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) Scholarship
  36. Various Philanthropists’ Scholarships
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To apply for these scholarships, visit the UNILAG Students Affairs Office or the official UNILAG website for detailed information on eligibility criteria and application procedures. Scholarships are a fantastic way to support your education and pursue your dreams, so don’t miss out on these opportunities. Remember that scholarship offerings may change over time, so stay updated and submit your applications on time.

Investing in your education today can lead to a brighter future, and these scholarships can help make that dream a reality for many UNILAG undergraduates. Good luck with your scholarship applications.

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