The Ultimate Guide to Noun E-Exam: Everything You Need to Know


The Pros and Cons of Noun E-Exam: Is It Worth It?

Taking the NOUN E-Exam involves steps and guidelines to ensure a successful and stress-free experience. Here’s an outline post of the steps on how to take the NOUN E-Exam:

Noun E-Exam: A Comprehensive Review of its Features and Benefits

Preparation for the exam:

    1. Ensure you have been cleared by your study center and given the examination misconduct form.
    2. Be familiar with using a computer, as the exam is computer-based.
    3. Complete all Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs) as instructed by the institution.
    4. Study the course materials intensively.
    5. Make sure you Arrive on time for the examination.

Understanding the Exam Format:

    1. The exam format includes a mix of multiple-choice (objective) and fill-in-the-gap questions.
    2. The percentage of Objective to fill-in-the-gap questions may change depending on the course.

Know the credit units:

    1. Be aware of the credit units for each course, as it specifies the number of questions you need to answer.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Noun E-Exam Preparation

Taking the exam:

    1. All students receive the same set of questions, but the order of questions may differ.
    2. When you begin the exam, a timer starts, so manage your time wisely.
    3. Attempt the questions you know first, as the correct answers might be found originally.
    4. Questions are presented once per page, and you can navigate between them using the “Next” and “Previous” buttons.
    5. The timer stops when you log out, but the questions and options may shuffle when you log back in.
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Prayer and technical issues:

    1. Pray for a smooth exam experience, as technical issues can occur during the exam, which might lead to delays.

Preventing impersonation:

    1. Your picture will appear on all exam pages to avoid impersonation.

Login Information:

    1. You must log in with your matriculation number, so ensure you have this readily available.

Exam Buttons and Functions:

    1. “Next” for the next question, “Previous” for the previous question, “Logout” to exit the exam, and “Submit” to finish the exam.

Scoring and Record-Keeping:

    1. After clicking “Submit,” your score is displayed. Record it for future reference in case of an error between the official results released by NOUN.

Answer accuracy:

    1. Ensure your answers are typed accurately and spelled correctly, as the computer marks your answers, and changes from the programmed answers may result in zero scores.

Consistency in Fill-in-the-Gap Answers:

    1. When answering fill-in-the-gap questions, use the exact language in the course materials or TMA questions. Deviating from this may lead to incorrect marking.


Please share this information with others who may need it. You can have a successful NOUN E-Exam experience following these steps and guidelines. Good luck with your exams!


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