Why NEOMA Business School In France Is the Right Choice for You

NEOMA Business School is known as an international business school with campuses in Rouen, Reims, and Paris, France. Founded in 2013, it includes bachelor’s and master’s degrees in management and executive education. With over 195 permanent professors and a 73% international profile, the school has over 72,000 graduates in 127 countries. Deaned by Delphine Manceau, the school is supervised by Michel-Edouard Leclerc. It has quickly established itself as a leading institution for business education and research, both in France and globally.

The School’s History and Mission

History: NEOMA Business School is the result of a merger between two prestigious French business schools, Rouen Business School and Reims Management School. This merger was driven by the aim of creating a stronger and more globally competitive institution.

Mission: The school is committed to providing high-quality education and research in the fields of business and management. Its mission is to train future business leaders, foster innovation, and contribute to the development of the global business community.

NEOMA Business School

The school’s programs and curriculum

NEOMA Business School offers a lot of undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs. These programs cover many aspects of business and management, including:

  1. Bachelor’s Programs: Undergraduate degrees in business and related fields
  2. Master’s Programs: specialized master’s degrees in areas such as finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
  3. MBA Programs: Full-time and executive MBA programs for experienced professionals
  4. Ph.D. Programs: Doctoral programs in business and management
  5. Executive Education: customized programs for corporate clients and professionals
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The curriculum is designed to be practical and research-driven, preparing students for leadership roles in the business world.

The School’s Faculty and Staff

NEOMA Business School boasts a diverse and experienced faculty, including professors, researchers, and industry experts. The faculty is known for its research contributions and its ability to bring real-world business insights into the classroom.

The school’s facilities and resources

The school’s campuses are equipped with modern facilities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, libraries, computer labs, and collaborative spaces. Students have access to extensive online databases and research resources.

The School’s Admissions Process

Admission to NEOMA Business School’s programs is competitive and varies depending on the program. Applicants typically need to submit academic transcripts, standardized test scores (e.g., GMAT or GRE), letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. Admission requirements may differ for international students.

The School’s Student Body

NEOMA Business School attracts a diverse and international student body. Students come from various cultural and professional backgrounds, contributing to a rich learning environment. The school values diversity and promotes an inclusive atmosphere.

The School’s Alumni

NEOMA Business School has a global alumni network of over 70,000 graduates. Alumni often play a crucial role in mentoring and supporting current students, as well as maintaining a strong connection to the school.

The School’s Reputation

NEOMA Business School is highly regarded both nationally and internationally. It consistently ranks among the top business schools in Europe and is known for its rigorous academic programs, successful alumni, and strong ties to the business community.

The School’s Accreditation

NEOMA Business School holds prestigious accreditations, including EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA, which are internationally recognized standards of excellence in business education. These accreditations reflect the school’s commitment to high-quality teaching and research.

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