A Cambodia School Discovered Munition Bombs in Its Backyard

Cambodia School Discovered Munition Bombs

A high school in Cambodia has been forced to close temporarily due to the discovery of thousands of unexploded munitions. The Queen Kosomak High School in Kratie province was used as a military station at the time. Over 2,000 pieces of ordnance were discovered over three days, including grenades and anti-tank launchers.

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The munitions were found during ground clearing for a garden expansion, and if the entire school was cleared, more would likely be dug up. The Cambodian government has vowed to clear all landmines and unexploded artillery by 2025, but the students were told to stay away until the clean-up was complete, which is expected to take two days. Cambodia remains one of the world’s most heavily mined countries, with landmines killing over 64,000 people and 25,000 amputees since 1979.

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