Things Most People Don’t Know About Karsh Scholarships In 2024

Karsh Scholarships

The Karsh International Scholarship at Duke University is a prestigious opportunity for international students pursuing undergraduate programs at Duke University in the United States. This scholarship aims to support worthy students by covering many expenses and providing enriching experiences. Here’s a complete overview of the scholarship:


Karsh International Scholarship:

The Karsh International Scholarship was established in 2010 with the generous contributions of Martha L. and Bruce A. Karsh to recognize the outstanding contributions of international students to Duke University. It fosters a community of highly intelligent students dedicated to academic research, interdisciplinary inquiry, and service to society.

Karsh Scholarships: How to Apply and What You Need to Know

Bachelors Degree

Deadline: 1 Nov 2023/2 Jan 2024 (Annual)
Study in: USA
The course starts Fall of 2024

Benefits of the Karsh Scholarship:

  1. Financial Support:

    • Tuition Fee Waiver: The scholarship covers tuition fees for eight semesters (equivalent to four years) of undergraduate study at Duke University.
    • Mandatory Fees: Mandatory fees to Duke University are also covered.
    • Room and Board: Recipients receive assistance with accommodation and meals.
    • Summer Experiences: Financial aid is provided for both international and domestic summer experiences, including opportunities for independent research during the summer and academic year.
  2. Academic Community:

    • Community of International Students: Awardees become part of a community of international students, fostering a supportive and diverse environment.
    • Faculty Advisor: Students receive guidance from a dedicated faculty advisor.
    • Mentorship: Additional support is available from mentors at the Office of University Fellows and Scholars.
    • Global Engagement: Recipients actively engage in international dialogue and participate in program activities, including occasional field trips.
  3. Enrichment Experiences:

  • After the first year at Duke University, scholarship recipients can apply for additional financial aid to enhance their education.
  • Enrichment Opportunities: This includes opportunities to work in laboratories on the Duke campus or elsewhere, engage in independent research or service work, and intern in the private or government sector.
  • Faculty Support: Faculty members assist students in planning and choosing educational enrichment experiences.
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Expenses Covered:

The Karsh International Scholarship covers various expenses, including:

  • Tuition fees for four years.
  • Mandatory fees.
  • Room and board.
  • Proven financial need goes beyond these costs.
  • Funding for three summers can be used for research, unpaid internships, and other career-enhancing opportunities.

Eligibility for the Karsh Scholarship:

To be eligible for the Karsh International Scholarship, candidates must meet the following:

  1. Completed high school education.
  2. Planning to pursue an undergraduate degree at Duke University.
  3. Be of foreign nationality.
  4. Open to students from any discipline.
  5. Demonstrate outstanding academic potential and leadership qualities.

Application Process for the Karsh International Scholarship:

There is no separate application form for this scholarship. Applicants who apply for an undergraduate program at Duke University will be automatically considered for the Karsh International Scholarship. Applicants are required to submit the necessary documents to demonstrate financial need.

All Karsh Scholars:

Here is a list of some of the Karsh International Scholars, along with their batch and main countries:

  • Akram Abdulaziz, Class of 2025, Ethiopia
  • Bright Aboah, Class of 2025, Ghana
  • Prince Ahmed, Class of 2024, England
  • Edem Ahorlu, Class of 2022, Ghana
  • Becky Ball, Class of 2025, England
  • Hiba Benjeddou, Class of 2025, Morocco
  • Darius Catrina, Class of 2025, Romania
  • Umang Dhingra, Class of 2026, India
  • Chika Dueke-eze, Class of 2026, Nigeria
  • Elsie Eghan, Class of 2024, Ghana


The Karsh International Scholarship at Duke University provides a unique and full support system for international students pursuing their undergraduate education. It is an excellent opportunity for those who meet the eligibility criteria. For more information and to apply, you can visit the official website: Karsh International Scholarship at Duke University.

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