FUBK admission portal – Registration for New Students in the 2024-2025 Academic Session

This comprehensive blog post provides a detailed guide on the registration process at Federal University, Birnin Kebbi (FUBK), ensuring a smooth start to your academic journey and preparing you for a successful academic experience.

Important Dates and Portal: Mark your calendars! Registration kicks off on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. Head over to the official FUBK Registration Portal for all the essential details.

  • Registration Start Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2024
  • Registration Portal: FUBK Registration Portal
  • Payment Method: Acceptance Fees via Remit followed by screening at the university

Note: Before starting the registration process, make sure you have accepted your admission on the JAMB CAPS portal. Only after accepting can you print your admission letter and begin the registration process.

Registration Center: Find your way to success at the Registration Center, conveniently located at the University Main Campus.

Step-by-Step Guide:

FUBK Admission Portal: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Students in the 2024-2025 Academic Session

  1. JAMB Admission Letter: Print your provisional admission letter from the JAMB CAPS Portal.
  2. Acceptance Fee Invoice: Generate a remittance invoice for acceptance fees on the FUBK Registration Portal.
  3. Payment of Acceptance Fees: Make the payment at any commercial bank or online.
  4. Payment Confirmation: Get confirmation from the bursary officials at the registration center.
  5. Screening of Credentials: Head over to the Student Center for the essential screening of your credentials.
  6. E-confirmation and bio-data: Complete this crucial step at the Student Center.
  7. Invoice for Registration Fees: Collect the invoice for registration fees from the Student Center.
  8. Payment of Registration Fees: Similar to acceptance fees, pay at any commercial bank or online.
  9. Confirmation of Registration Fee Payment: Once again, confirm with the Bursary Officials at the Student Center.
  10. Admission Letter Collection: Obtain this important document from the ICT staff at the Student Center.
  11. Signing of Admission Letter: Your admission letter gets the official seal from the admissions officer.
  12. Collection of Files: Receive four essential files from the Student Center.
  13. Course Registration Form: Obtain this form from your respective department.
  14. E-course Registration: Complete this step at the Student Center for hassle-free course registration.
  15. Photocopying of Documents: Make copies of all necessary credentials and forms provided during the process.
  16. Submission to the Academic Office: Submit one file with original documents to the Academic Office.
  17. Submission to the Department, Faculty, and Student Affairs Office: Submit the remaining files with photocopies to these respective offices.
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When does the registration for the 2023/2024 academic session at FUBK begin?

  • The registration process is set to commence on Wednesday, 24th January 2024.

2. Where can I access the FUBK Registration Portal?

3. What is the payment method for Acceptance Fees?

  • Acceptance Fees are to be paid via Remita, and the evidence of payment is required for screening at the university.

4. Can I print my Admission Letter without accepting the admission on the JAMB CAPS portal?

  • No, only candidates who have accepted their admission on the JAMB CAPS portal are eligible to print the Admission Letter and proceed with registration.

5. Where is the Registration Centre located?

  • The Registration Centre is conveniently located at the University Main Campus.

6. How many files do I need to collect during the registration process?

  • You are required to collect 4 files from the Student Centre.

7. Where can I obtain the Course Registration Form?

  • The Course Registration Form can be obtained from your respective department.

8. Is there a specific order for completing the registration steps?

  • Yes, the registration procedure is outlined step by step. Follow the sequence provided in the comprehensive guide for a smooth process.

9. Can I make payments for Acceptance and Registration Fees online?

  • Yes, payments for both Acceptance and Registration Fees can be made either at any commercial bank or online.

10. What documents do I need to submit to the Academic Office? – One file containing the original Admission Letter, photocopies of Form 02, and Credentials should be submitted to the Academic Office.

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11. How do I confirm payments during the registration process? – Payments are confirmed by Bursary Officials at the Student Center for both Acceptance and Registration Fees.

12. Is E-course Registration mandatory? – Yes, E-course Registration is a crucial step that should be completed at the Student Center.

13. Are there specific deadlines for registration steps? – The guide provides the start date for the registration process, and it is advisable to complete each step promptly. However, specific deadlines should be checked on the official portal or communicated by the university.


Congratulations! You have completed the FUBK registration process. This detailed guide will ensure that you are well-prepared for your academic journey. Remember, each step is important for a successful experience at Federal University, Birnin Kebbi. Good luck on your journey!

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