The Ultimate Guide to EBSU Hostel Accommodation Form 2024 What You Need to Know

EBSU Hostel Accommodation

The new academic year at Ebonyi State University (EBSU) is an exciting journey for both prospective and returning students. A crucial part of this journey is finding suitable hostel accommodations. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the process of securing hostel accommodations at EBSU, helping you find a comfortable living space within the lively campus.

Table of Contents

Purchasing Your Hostel Accommodation Form:

The first step to a stress-free living experience at EBSU begins with securing the hostel accommodation form.

1. Sale Period:

  • Hostel accommodation forms are available for purchase from December 7, 2023, to January 31, 2024.

2. Where to Purchase:

  • Visit the EBSU Micro Finance Bank, conveniently located at the CAS Campus.

3. Cost and Payment:

  • Make a non-refundable payment of N5,000 for the hostel form. The specified account details for payment are as follows:
    • Account Number: 3351000006

Choosing Your Preferred Hostel:

Tailor your living experience by selecting your preferred hostel.

1. Presco Hostel (CHS):

  • A bed space in the Presco Hostel requires a payment of N60,000 per space. Ensure this payment is made into the same account mentioned earlier.

2. Teaching Hospital Hostel (THH):

  • Opting for the Teaching Hospital Hostel comes with an accommodation fee of N30,000 per bed space. This payment should also be made into the specified account.

Finalizing Your Accommodation:

The journey towards securing your living quarters continues with finalizing the accommodation process.

1. Obtain Your Receipt:

  • After making the necessary payments, head to the Student Affairs Office at CAS Campus to collect your official receipt.

2. Meet the hostel supervisor:

  • Armed with your receipt, the next step is to present it to the hostel supervisor. This crucial step finalizes your accommodation details.
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Locking Down Your Living Quarters at EBSU:

EBSU’s hostel accommodations promise a blend of convenience and comfort, essential for academic success.

  • By following the above steps, you can ensure a stress-free living arrangement well before the academic hustle begins.
  • Remember, the early bird catches the worm, or, in this case, the best bed space. Don’t delay in making these critical arrangements; visit EBSU Micro Finance Bank today and take the first step towards a comfortable living experience for the next academic year.
EBSU Hostel Accommodation
EBSU Hostel Accommodation


The process of securing accommodation at the EBSU hostel is a crucial aspect of the student journey. By adhering to this all-encompassing manual, you not only guarantee a place of residence but also establish the groundwork for a thriving academic voyage at Ebonyi State University. Move swiftly, follow each step meticulously, and embrace the luxurious convenience of campus living at EBSU.

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