Step-by-Step Guide to AAU Ekpoma Hostel Application Procedure for 2024 Intake

Ambrose Alli University (AAU), nestled in the vibrant town of Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria, is thrilled to announce the launch of its online application for coveted bed spaces in the university’s halls of residence for the upcoming 2024/2025 academic session. This announcement is a crucial update for all students eagerly anticipating securing accommodation within the university’s esteemed facilities.

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Start Date: 30th October 2023 at 12 noon
Booking System: Online
Hostel Variety: Mixed-gender and single-gender hostels are available
Booking Policy: Unpaid bookings expire in 48 hours
Fee Requirement: Must pay at least the first installment of school fees
Allocation Basis: First come, first served
Eligibility: Only fee-paying students
Announced By: Ambrose E Odiase, Acting Registrar

Important Dates to Remember:

The official communication from the Acting Registrar, Ambrose E. Odiaise, FIPMA, MANUPA, MAUA, emphasizes that the allocation process will commence on Monday, 30th of October, 2023, at noon. Prospective students are advised to act promptly, recognizing that bed spaces are in high demand.

AAU Ekpoma Online Application for Bed Spaces in the Halls of Residence

Hostels Available for Allocation:

The university provides a diverse range of hostels catering to both male and female students. Here’s a list of the hostels available:

  1. Igbinedion Hostel: Open to both male and female students.
  2. Basic Medical Science Hostel: Available for both genders.
  3. Anthony Onyearugbulem Hostel: Exclusively for male students.
  4. Emotan Hostel: Designated for female students.
  5. Rev. Martins Hostel: Male students only.
  6. Jereton Mariere Hostel: Another male-only hostel.
  7. Big Joe Hostel: A facility for female students.
  8. Kudirat Abiola Hostel: Exclusively for female students.
  9. Iyayi Hostel: Open to female students.
  10. Dangote Hostel: A facility solely for female students.
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Key Points on Bed Space Allocation:

  1. 48-Hour Window: It’s crucial to note that if a bed space is booked but remains unpaid within a span of 48 hours, it will automatically revert to the available pool. Other students can then proceed to book and pay for that space.
  2. Online-Only Process: AAU stresses that the entire allocation procedure is online-based. Hence, students should ensure they have reliable internet access during the application period.
  3. First-Come, First-Served: Like most allocation processes, the university will operate on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring fairness and transparency.
  4. Eligibility: Only those students who have settled their school fees, at least the initial installment, will be considered eligible to apply for a bed space.

In conclusion, Ambrose Alli University remains steadfast in ensuring the comfort and security of its students through these accommodation facilities. However, interested applicants should act swiftly and ensure they meet all the requirements.

Remember, securing a bed space is not just about having a place to sleep, but also about being part of a vibrant student community that will greatly enrich your university experience.

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