Nigerian University Courses for Students with Low JAMB Scores of 130+

Courses you can study with a low JAMB score

Top Nigerian University Courses Available for JAMB Scores of 130+ Are you a Nigerian student with a 130+ JAMB score wondering whether you have university possibilities? Stop looking! We’ll discuss Nigerian university courses for all JAMB scores in this post. A lower score might be discouraging, but it does not necessarily mean the end of … Read more

Top Universities That Accept Low JAMB Scores From 115+,120+,130+,150+

universities that accept low jamb score

It’s likely that you scored lower than 160, which is why you’re here reading this. This page will give you information on all of the courses and universities that are available to you. Are you concerned about your JAMB score affecting your chances of getting into an accredited university? Stop worrying! This page lists the best … Read more