How Outdoor Education Can Prepare Students For the Future

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Outdoor education plays a crucial role in preparing students for the future by offering unique learning experiences that go beyond traditional classroom settings. It equips students with essential life skills, fosters personal growth, and enhances their understanding of the environment and the world around them. Here’s how outdoor education can prepare students for the future: … Read more

When Did School Ban Boys from Wearing Shorts?

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a school named Harmony High. The school has always upheld a reputation for its progressive values and open-minded approach to education. However, in the summer of 2023, something extraordinary happened that would challenge even Harmony High’s most liberal traditions. The school administration, seeking to address concerns about the dress code and gender equality, devised an … Read more

Bolton University’s bentley-driving boss pockets £66k pay rise

Bolton University’s bentley-driving boss pockets £66k pay rise

Controversial Compensation: Bolton University’s CEO’s £Pay Raise Stirs Controversy A Bentley-driving vice-chancellor, George Holmes, has been given a £66,000 pay rise in the last academic year. Holmes, who has defended high salaries of university leaders, Bolton University’s bentley-driving boss pockets £66k pay rise  was paid £290,215 in 2016/17 as head of the University of Bolton, … Read more

Universities that Fail in Support of Diversity Could have fees reduced


Universities that fail to promote student diversity risk having their tuition fees slashed by a third, according to the new university regulator, after the admissions scandals at Oxford and Cambridge. Sir Michael Barber, head of the Office for Students, said that he is “interested in results, not just plans” when it comes to increasing student … Read more

Oxford University Suggests Student Generosity Has Attracted Homeless People

Student Generosity

Oxford University proctors allegedly attributed the city’s high number of homeless people to their generosity, sparking backlash after an email sent to students by senior proctor Mark Edwards and junior proctor Cecile Fabre was revealed on social media. The email claimed that Oxford’s students have a strong social conscience, as evidenced by the number of … Read more

The recent NHS funding boost poses severe challenges for schools, an expert has warned.

NHS funding boost

The recent NHS funding boost has raised concerns about the potential impact on other public sectors, particularly education. While the NHS aims to address healthcare needs, improve medical facilities, and enhance patient care, the reallocation of resources may inadvertently present challenges for schools. Educational institutions rely heavily on government funding to sustain their operations, and … Read more