Raquel Reaction When Kanan DIED? (Raising kanan Universe Wiki)

Raising kanan

Understanding Raquel’s Reaction When Kanan Died in Power

Raquel, an intelligent woman with an interest in astronomy, had her son Kanan at 16. Kanan was born in 1959, and Raquel’s fate was unknown by 2018. Raquel accepted Jukebox as a lesbian and became the secondary protagonist of Raising Kanan. She taught Jukebox the game, and later taught Tommy and Ghost.

Raquel is also seen as the main antagonist of the Power universe, as she taught the game to Tariq, who is now working with Brayden and the Tejada family. It is unknown what Raquel’s reaction to Kanan’s death was. Raquel’s interactions with her grandson Shawn and her reaction to Kanan’s death remain unknown.

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What Kanan’s Death Meant to Raquel

She is clever, just like her kid, and she enjoys astronomy.
She said that when she was sixteen, she gave birth to Kanan. Kanan was born in 1975, making 1959 her actual birth year.

How Kanan’s Death Changed Raquel

As of 2018, it is unclear what happened to Raquel since Kanan had indicated that he needed to see his mother.

How she connected with her grandson Shawn is unclear.

Raquel After Kanan’s Death

Her response to Kanan’s death is unclear.
Kanan stated that Post introduced her to the world of crime.
The second person to find out that Jukebox was a lesbian was Raquel, who, like Kanan, embraced her for who she was.

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What Raquel Lost When Kanan Died

Raq is Raising Kanan’s secondary protagonist.

Jukebox became a police officer because of Raquel, who persuaded her that “cops are good friends to have” on certain occasions.

Raising kanan
Raising kanan

What Kanan’s Death Taught Raquel

Given that Raquel taught Kanan how to play the game, she might also be considered the primary enemy of the Power world. Tommy and Ghost were eventually taught the game by Kanan and Blow. Tariq, who is now employed by Brayden and the Tejada family, was subsequently trained by Kanan.


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